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European Club Soccer

Posted by Jack de la Mare on
European Club Soccer

We've dropped our first mini-zine for 2021!

Last year proved challenging in compiling enough content for a second issue of Gegenpresse Magazine. Being unable to attend matches in person along with limited options to travel abroad made it close to impossible for us to make a compelling follow up to Gegenpresse Issue One

But as we enter into another month or two of lockdown in Germany, we wanted to release something that captured a different side of football in this unique time period. As media companies shift their focus digitally, we want to keep releasing more work in print, so we've brought out our first mini-zine with an accompanying long-sleeve tshirt to go with it. 

Inspired by the console games we grew up with, European Club Soccer is an ode to the old school graphics we saw on those boxy fucking television sets in the late 90's/early 00's. Inside the mag you'll find there's 24 pages of photographs and graphics that's everything Gegenpresse represents. 

The mini-zine and shirts are limited to 50 copies. Get yours here


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