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Gegenpresse Issue Two


Gegenpresse is an alternative football and subculture magazine that focuses on the lesser known stories of the game. We tend to focus our interest to clubs, players and organisations around the world whose values match up with ours. That being one of pushing progressive ideals, that aren’t commonly enough found in general football media. In our magazine you will not find statistics or a match review of the latest champions league fixtures, instead we focus on timeless content, with the intention being our readers can pick up the magazine years from when it was released and still enjoy the stories and content found within. Gegenpresse aims to separate itself from traditional football media by bridging the gap between art, fashion, photography and other creative realms. We felt there wasn't anything within football media that represented us; football fans with interests also outside of the beautiful game, so we decided to go and make it happen.


2 years after our debut issue, we're here with the follow up, Issue No. 2

limited to 500 copies worldwide. 

Shipping from 12 December.