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Bundesliga Diaries - Episode One: 1.FC Union Berlin

Posted by Luke Riley on
Bundesliga Diaries - Episode One: 1.FC Union Berlin

Without giving us a chance to take a breath, football is kicking off again in Germany. Surely the Bundesliga this year will be a bit more competitive at the top end? Either way, we are interested to see how things have changed on match days in Germany for the regular football fan.

With that being said, we thought it was a chance for us to check out what’s happening in what’s basically our own backyard to suss out if there was any fun to be had. Having experienced the electric atmosphere created by Union Berlin fans at the Stadion An der Alten Försterei in previous seasons, we headed down to Köpenick to explore the heartland of this unique team.

P.S: if luck goes our way, we’ll be shining a light on every club with a little trip to each one throughout the season. Make a bit of a ‘Bundesliga Diary’, if you will. 


Filmed & Edited by Lisa Richter - @lisaloriene


Plus a few BTS for this football blog because why not:

Photos by Jack de la Mare. Union Berlin vs Augsburg. September 2020, Berlin. 

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