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An Ode To The Finest Football Watering Hole in Berlin

Posted by Luke Riley on
An Ode To The Finest Football Watering Hole in Berlin

This is Blarney’s. An institution for watching European football in Berlin. Those who venture inside this fine establishment are met with all the necessities one would require in any good pub: Guinness on tap, salt & vinegar crisps, and live Premier League football shown in glorious SD quality on the television sets

An important rule enforced around here is that the best seats in front of the telly are reserved for the regulars. Oh, and even if though it’s not openly advertised, this is an Arsenal pub. If the Gooners are playing, they’ll be on the main screen, regardless of the importance of other games being battled out at the same time. 

But that's not to say the Blarney Pub is an unwelcoming place—far from it, actually. Ecki (the chief enforcer) truly is a class act. You’ve got to admire his unwavering attention to his patrons. No matter how full this place gets, if he sees a Guiness reaching its end, he’s quick to catch the eye of the thirsty punter to signal another one is on its way.

Okay, we may be a bit biased, but we can’t find a fault with this joint. So perhaps it would be wise of us to ask Ecki himself to provide us with first-hand insight into what it’s really like working behind the bar at a footy pub. Putting on our journalist hat, we've asked him the hard hitting question: ‘What are the things you hate about running a football pub in Berlin?’

 Photos by Jack de la Mare - Arsenal vs Chelsea. FA Cup Final 2020 

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